Do I need to book in advance?

Yes, booking is essential. We sometimes have walk in appointments available, however we recommend calling.



Do I need to see my GP to get a referral before I see a physio?

No, all our clinics can requester ACC claims. No doctor’s referral is required.



Does ACC cover all the costs of treatment?

No, ACC do contribute toward your accident’s treatments, however you are now required to pay a surcharge. (Please see each clinics page to confirm prices).



How long does a treatment last?

Generally the initial assessment lasts between 30-40 minutes and follow up sessions are between 15-30 minutes.



What treatments do you provide?

  • Manual and Manipulative Therapy

  • Exercise Rehabilitation

  • Concussion Assessment

  • BPPV (Vestibular Conditions)

  • Breathing Pattern Disorders

  • Dry Needling (dependant on clinic)



What happens at my first appointment with a physiotherapist?

A consent form is required to be filled out at your initial appointment. This covers your personal details, if you have an injury or on-going issue, your general health and pain levels. The physiotherapist will ask questions about your condition, assess you and treat you for your condition.



Can I use Southern Cross to pay for my treatments?

Yes, if your Southern Cross plan covers physiotherapy bring in your Southern Cross customer card and we can apply for your payments to be covered.



What should I wear to physio?

Depending on what body part you need physio for, we recommend wearing loose comfortable clothing. We do provide a pair of shorts to borrow if the physio feels wearing them would benefit your treatment.