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Pilates at CAPE Physio in Napier is an intimate studio, specialising on small group Reformer and Mat classes. Our instructors are Polestar Pilates trained, the gold standard for Pilates Instructing Internationally, that focuses on quality of movement. Whether it’s a fitness based class you are looking for or to be guided safely through movement post injury or surgery, we are trained to take you through safely, functional activity. We have the strong believe that movement is always best.


  • Mat Pilates Classes

  • Small group Reformer Classes

  • One on One Private Reformer Training

  • Personalised Programmes

Pilates by Cape Physio


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Open level, previous experience required, bookings essential. Limited to 3 spaces (introductory session required before joining).


A gentle paced class, great for beginners or those wanting more precision in movement.


Mixed abilities class where movement is a little quicker and designed for those wanting to advance their Pilates repertoire. Variations are given to meet all levels.

*Due to limited class sizes booking is essential. We ask for a 24 hour cancellation notice, to allow us to fill your spot


Reformer Pricing

Small group classes (3 people max)

  • Casual Reformer class - $28 

  • 5 Block of pre-paid Reformer classes - $125

  • 10 Block of pre-paid Reformer classes - $230

Private Introduction to Reformer

  • $100 (2 x 1 hour personal sessions)

Private lessons with instructor

  • $65/session or

  • 5 Block of pre-paid private sessions - $300

MAT pricing

Group classes (10 people max)

  • Casual Mat class - $18 

  • 10 Block of pre-paid Mat classes - $140

Private Introduction to Mat Pilates

  • 2 x 1-hour beginner session $70

Private lessons with instructor

  • $55/session or

  • 5 Block of pre-paid private sessions - $250


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Welcome to Pilates by CAPE Physio, if you are interested in a class or private sessions please fill in the fields below and leave a message to request more information or which class you would like to book into. 

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What is reformer ⌵

The reformer is a piece of equipment that uses springs for resistance or assistance depending on the desired outcome and the needs of the specific client.  We can simulate all sorts of everyday tasks, our aim is to move the body without pain.  We use the reformer for early stage rehabilitation right through to late stage strength training.  


Mat classes ⌵

During mat classes, we generally use our own body weight as resistance, mat classes are great to establish the correct breathing pattern, re-aligning posture, strengthening, and gaining for flexibility and control over your body.  We also use Pilates rings, chi balls and foam rollers to keep variation in programs and challenge the body. We offer a range of classes from beginners to advanced level. We ensure to keep classes varied to challenge the body and the mind.